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Welcome to Euchler Software...On these sites you will find handy and simple to use household software-applications.

Have fun surfing our website and using the programs...

click for more info and download Household Accounting Book 7.0 is a very simple to use bookkeeping software. All your personal expenses are listed and visualized according
to categories. The perfect personal finance software for your household!

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click for more info and download With CarOrganizer 4.0 you can easily keep track of the running expenses of your vehicle(s). The program lists and visualizes all costs and computes the fuel consumption.
In addition it provides you with an electronic driver's log.

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click for more info and download PrivateOrganizer 2.0 provides you with a handy addressbook for your contacts. Furthermore, you can use this software to manage and follow-up your personal tasks in a very efficient way.

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