CarOrganizer is the ideal software to easily keep track of your vehicles expenses and fuel consumption. In addition to providing a tabular overview of all expenses as well as multiple graphical evaluation-charts, you can also use this software to keep an electronic driver's log (*). For more information, click here.

Windows®: After downloading and un-zipping the file "", double-click "SetupCO40.msi" to start the installation process. Simply follow the instructions on the screen and the program will be installed automatically. After the installation is completed successfully, you will find one shortcut-icon on your desktop and one entry in the startup menu, which can be used to start the program.

download (4.68 MB)

Mac OS X: Download and install the App from the Mac App Store. Please note that the version for Mac OS X differs in functionality from the version for Windows®.

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(*) Note: if you are planning to use the driver log for tax purposes, please check with your local tax-authority beforehand if the records of this software will be accepted. We do not have specific certifications from any governmental institution and therefore, cannot make any guarantees.