Can I export my data so that it can be used by other applications?

To export your data into universally useable formats, follow these steps...(1) - click the Export button in the Home menu....the Export / Backup window will open. (2) - select the option Export selected table as file...

(3) - choose the file format from the drop down menu. Note: depending on your location, please be aware of what your decimal seperator for numbers is. Specifically: if your local system uses a comma as decimal seperator (e.g. location: Germany..."1,23 EUR"), do NOT select Comma Delimited file formats as this will lead to processing errors later on...rather choose Semicolon or Tab as your delimiter.
(4) - hit Next...The file select window will open to let you choose your file location for the export table.

(5) - click the save button to export your table into a file.